ALASKA IS A DRAG is the achingly real story of Leo, an aspiring drag superstar (Martin L. Washington Jr.) and his twin sister Tristen (Maya Washington), who are stuck working in a fish cannery in Alaska.  Leo sees disco balls in the scales of a fish, he’s a fish out of water — literally.

After years of getting beat up by his former best friend, Kyle (Christopher O’Shea), Leo has learned to fight back — his skills catch the eye of amateur boxer (Jason Scott Lee) who offers to train him to be a fighter. But when a new boy, Declan (Matt Dallas) moves to town and offers to be his sparring partner — his presence changes everything.

Tristen and his sister are left to fend for themselves most of the time, their mom (Nia Peeples) left years ago and their dad (Kevin Daniels) stands on the side of the road preaching. The two create their own magic, the Northern Lights follow them — when Tristen enters Leo in a drag show — he’s never performed for anyone but her — his worlds collide — the drag audition, which happens at the one gay bar in town owned by Jan (Margaret Cho) and the qualifying round for boxing fall on the same day and Leo has to face the real reason, he’s afraid to leave Alaska.

If Rocky and Hedwig had a love child and left him in the wild to survive, that would be ALASKA IS A DRAG.




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